enchiladas to feed a family

Judging by the amount of food that I cook at one time, you wouldn’t think I live alone.

These enchiladas would comfortably feed a large family, so rest assured that if you’re cooking for 1 or 2, you will have leftovers. So many leftovers. The filling would totally freeze well, I think, if you’re into that sort of thing (I am not, which is why I ate these for lunch and dinner for 7 days straight). I even fed my picky-eater boyfriend for dinner, and a coworker for lunch, zero complaints.

Original recipe here.

Some extra notes:

I used whole wheat tortillas because… I’ve been programmed to stay away from white. The whole wheat tortillas had a sweetness to them that I wasn’t a huge fan of, and they got soggy and fell a part, and sort of almost became an element of the filling itself. Not terrible, but I would definitely go with standard white flour tortillas next time.

TOPPINGS. I love me good, chilled, fresh toppings. A handful of cilantro and a scoopful of sour cream are both necessities.


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